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More than thirty years serving the owners of fine furniture in the Chicago area.

Some of the prestigious companies among our
satisfied customers:

Homer Bros.
Polk Bros.
John M. Smyth Homemakers
Harlem Furniture
Plunkett Furniture
Montgomery Wards
Room & Board



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Don't Throw Old
Furniture Away!

Let DLG Furniture Services Inc. show you how repairing and refinishing old furniture can enhance your life, save money and eliminate drain on our natural resources. Don't contribute to the landfill, give your home a new look instead!

DLG Furniture Services Inc. Leads the Way:            

In home or in office, furniture gets worn and damaged. You can remove those worn pieces to the attic or the landfill and replace them with smart new pieces. But why? Consider repair and renovation to bring new life to furnishing: DLG Furniture Services Inc. offers a cost effective, ecologically sound approach:

FURNITURE REPAIR: broken or damaged furniture now confined to the attic can be re glued, patched and refinished allowing you to continue enjoying them for years to come.

FURNITURE TOUCH UP AND REFINISHING: Floods, fires, and other large and small disasters happen. DLG Furnishing Services Inc is here to help rescue those pieces. We fill dents and gouges, remove minor scratches, repair crushed corners, eliminate water marks or rings and other discolorations, color stain , seal, and increase or decrease lacquer sheen. Even the most serious of damages can be reversed.

HOME AND OFFICE MAINTENANCE PROGRAMS: Cleaning, touch-up, water rings, white marks, dents and scratch removal, polish of wood and repair of unfinished areas. Many programs available. DLG Furniture Services Inc. works with private owners, corporate and retail customers. No project is too small or too large.

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